10 Free Beginner Crochet Patterns for Absolute Beginners

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Are you looking for Free Beginner Crochet Patterns that:

  • Are Crocheted Flat and Without Increasing/Decreasing
  • Use Only Basic Crochet Stitches
  • Are Clearly Written with an Abbreviation Key
  • Look Modern and/or Timeless
  • And are FREE!

I know how difficult and time consuming it is to sift through ALL the beginner crochet patterns out there looking for something you’re excited to try…something manageable for a newbie crocheter. Oh, and free would be nice, thanks!

So, I’ve created a collection of only the best free beginner crochet patterns to save you all the trouble of searching. All you need to know are the basics; chain, turning, single, half double, or double crochet (in US terms). There are a few that require extra skills. If they do, there’s a note below the description.

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Before you Get Started

If you still need to learn the basics, I highly recommend this Startup Library from Bluprint. It’s a full class of videos and printable materials that is SO easy to follow and will help you learn better than anything else I’ve found.

Startup Library: Crochet
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Startup Library: Crochet
From: Bluprint

Thankfully, the Chain Lesson and Single Crochet Lesson are available to watch free here, so you can see if the subscription is for you. The teachers at Bluprint cover the basics so thoroughly and it’s so helpful to learn visually, at your own pace.

It’s definitely worth having a complete class, rather than piecing things together. I LOVE having access to ALL the pros and other amazing classes. I use it all the time!

A Few Notes

In this post, I did my best to find ONLY patterns that met the criteria listed above. However, a few of these patterns do require skills outside of the basics. I still included them because the designer does such a good job of teaching it should still be easy. I’ve included a note if the pattern has extra skills to learn.

Now, Let’s Check Out the Patterns!

1)  Crocheted Storybook Hood & Pocket Scarf by Sewrella

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Photo: Sewrella

Sewrella has so many great free patterns!  This hooded pocket scarf is way easier than it looks. With excellent, step by step instructions, it will be a perfect first project for a beginner. Plus, you can crochet it quickly using super bulky weight yarn.

Required Skills: Starting Chain, Single Crochet, Hold Two Strands Together

Size: 10” x 60” finished without tassels

Recommended Materials:

2)  All Double Crochet Afghan by Kristin In Between

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Photo: Kristine In Between

This afghan is so stunning, you wouldn’t guess it’s so simple to make.  The whole thing is double crochet!  The color combination and random striping make give it that a classic, beautiful style. This would be a great project to practice even stitches and tension since it’s so big. 

Note: This blanket is finished with a simple edging, which is optional.

Required Skills: Starting Chain, Double Crochet Stitch (dc), (optional border)

Size: 50” x 60”

Recommended Materials:

  • Worsted / Medium / 4 Weight Yarn (3-4 Skeins Caron One Pound Yarn bright white, pale green, and soft sage)
  • Hook: US Size J (6 mm)

3)  Chunky Crochet Ear Warmers by Maria’s Blue Crayon

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Photo: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Looking for a quick project? These Chunky Ear warmers are perfect! The cinched detail is reversible too, simply wear it in back depending on your mood. You can either use bulky yarn or hold two strands of worsted weight yarn together.  It doesn’t use much yarn so it’s also a great stash buster!

Required Skills: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Skip (sk), turning, and seaming

Size: Approx 4” x 18”

Recommended Materials:

4)  One Hour Easy Crochet Hat by Make and Do Crew

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Photo: Make and Do Crew

No need to be intimidated about making a crochet hat.  Jess at Make and Do Crew designed this classic hat pattern to be SUPER simple.  Easy enough to quickly whip up hats for gifts, to sell, or for charity!  

Note: This pattern calls for crocheting through the back loop only.  Don’t worry, if you haven’t tried this before, its very easy and explained in the pattern.

Required Skills: Chain (ch), Double Crochet (dc), *double crochet through the back loop only* (dcblo), seaming, pom pom

Size: Preschool, Child, Adult

Recommended Materials:

5)  Cup Cozy Tutorial by All About Ami

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Photo: All About Ami

Stephanie, from All About Ami, walks you through creating a cup cozy that you can customize to fit any mug with this awesome, detailed tutorial.  She recommends using a mug with straight sides, so you don’t have to fiddle with decreases/increases.  Easy to follow and a quick, cute project.

Note: Since this is a tutorial the yarn and hook size is not specified. You should be able to follow along with whatever yarn you choose (I recommend a medium weight). Just grab a hook that matches the recommendation on the yarn label (or smaller if you want your stitches nice and tight)

Required Skills: Chain (ch), single crochet (sc), sewing on a button

Size: Custom

Recommended Materials:

6)  Crochet Pink & Gray Striped Scarf by Daisy Farm Crafts

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Photo: Daisy Farm Crafts

This simple, classic look is a perfect first scarf.  I love the striping and tassel details that give this accessory added style. The Daisy Farm Crafts blog is an excellent resource for crochet stitches and blanket patterns, so look around and see if any other patterns catch your eye, too.

Note: The pattern uses half double crochet stitches in a slightly different way to give the scarf an interesting texture.  They’ve included a video tutorial to make it very easy to learn. 

Required Skills: Chain (ch), Half Double Crochet (hdc), changing colors, tassels

Size: Approx 90” x 6”

Recommended Materials:

7)  Chain Edge Crochet Clutch Pattern by Persia Lou

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Photo: Persia Lou

This easy clutch has some serious style and would make such a stunning gift!  I love that it’s crocheted with Raffia instead of yarn, and the gold chain functions as your starting chain, how cool is that?

Required Skills: Single crochet (sc), skip (sk), seaming

Size: Approx 5”x10”

Recommended Materials:

8)  Texting Gloves / Fingerless Mitts by Heart Hook Home

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Photo: Heart Hook Home

These are the simplest crocheted fingerless mitts I have found and they look so cozy!  An easy variation of the single crochet stitch gives a slightly different texture too. 

Note: This pattern is worked in rounds, but there’s NO joining.  You just begin the 2nd row at the beginning of your chain and just keep stitching.  Easy Peasy.

Required Skills: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Slip Stitch (Sl st), Skip (sk) Chain Space (ch-sp),

Size: Child, Adult SM/M, Adult L

Recommended Materials:

  • Yarn: Worsted / Medium / 4 Weight Yarn (Designer Recommends Chic Sheep by Marly Bird)
  • Hook: 7mm (in between US Size K and L)

9 ) Easy Crochet Sleeveless Top by Mama In A Stitch

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Photo: Mama in a Stitch

Did you think you could make a shirt as a beginner?  Yes, you can! This is truly an easy pattern…don’t let its good looks deceive you!  It’s simply made with two rectangles and clever seaming.

Note: The hardest part about this top is the stitch itself.  If you’re not used to reading crochet abbreviations, you might have to go slowly as you count skipped stitches at first.  This is a great pattern to practice!

Required Skills: Chain (ch), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), skip stitch (sk st), seaming

Size: XS, S, M, L women’s sizes, with instructions for creating plus sizes by measurements

Recommended Materials:

10)  Single Crochet Infinity Scarf by Little Monkeys Crochet

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Photo: Little Monkeys Crochet

Here’s a stylish infinity scarf pattern that’s part of a series of scarves and cowls that cost $10 or less to make!  Even better, it’s made entirely with single crochet stitches! 

Note: This pattern IS worked in rounds, but you don’t have to join or worry about a seam…just keep single crocheting in a spiral. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

If you’re really adventurous there are also instructions for a chainless foundation single crochet stitch, but it’s not required.

Required Skills: Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc), Join with slip stitch (ss)

Size: Approx 58″ circumference, 7″ tall

Recommended Materials:

I hope you enjoyed the list! These are the 10 best free beginner crochet patterns I could find for your first project. I think you can really make some great, modern styles with these options.

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Which patterns are you going to try? Are there any that look intimidating? I’d love to hear about what you’re working on!

Leave a comment below or head over to my facebook group and share your projects.

10 Free Beginner Crochet Patterns for Absolute Beginners
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10 Free Beginner Crochet Patters

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