How to Make Pom Pom Bead Jewelry: A Unique & Easy Kids Craft

Pom Pom Beads Super Easy No Prep Kids Craft
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A Super Quick Pom Pom Bead Craft You Can Do With the Kids!

I just discovered these POM POM BEADS! Why did I not know about these before?! They’re so cool.

I’ve been trying to focus more on spending time with my kids (You can read more about what’s working for me in this post) and doing crafts together is one of my favorite ways to do this.

We don’t have a TV in our home and we limit screen time as much as possible. So, finding ways to be creative is one of the main forms of entertainment for our family.

This Pom Pom Bead Jewelry project is great because kids can do almost all of it themselves, which makes it more fun for them and easier if you have multiple kids.

I ordered these beads on impulse…and the other day the girls asked to do a craft and it was super easy to pull out this special craft supply with no prep needed.

I highly recommend having a few fun, unique items tucked away for last minute creativity!

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Ok, Here’s the Tutorial:

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Pom Pom Bead Jewelry Supplies


You don’t need to buy a brand new skein of yarn for this project. We used some Wool Ease Thick & Quick I had left over from another project. It does help to use thick yarn to keep the beads placed where you want them, though.

Step 1: Plan Your Patterns & Play with Symmetry

Pom Pom Beads all in a Row
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Pom Pom Beads all in a Row

First, help your child decide what kind of pattern they’d like to do.

My girls wanted to practice making symmetry, so I had them pick at big pom pom bead for the center. Then, they put pairs of pom pom beads on both sides until they had a pattern they liked.

This is a great opportunity to make it a fun learning opportunity with ABAB or AABB patterns, etc. You could do big/small/big/small, or big in the middle and small on the outside. If your kids are interested show them some different ideas for arranging the beads. Of course, doing a totally random pattern is fun too!!

Step 2: Thread the Yarn Needle

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Blunt Tipped Tapestry Needles are Great for Kids!

Before you can start putting the beads on your necklace you have to get the needle threaded. Easier said than done with super thick yarn, so you’ll probably have to help your kids. I sometimes fold the yarn in half so I can push it through without splitting it.

I used Dritz Brand Size 16 Tapestry needle and the eye was wide enough for the Super Bulky yarn, but also narrow enough to fit through the pom pom bead hole. The tip is blunted, so my kids use these for lots of craft projects without poking fingers.

Step 3: Get Your Pom Poms On!

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Beading the Pom Poms!

Yay! Here’s the fun part!

Show your kids that in order to keep their pattern the pom poms have to take turns. Put each one on in order of how they’re lined up.

Note: Some of the bead holes were a little squished. So, be nearby to help pull the needle through if it’s too hard for them.

Once your pom poms are all on you can arrange them spread out or all squished together. The super thick yarn helps the beads stay wherever you slide them!

Step 4: Tie the Necklace

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Finished Beading!

When tying the necklace make sure the yarn is long enough to slip over your child’s head. I just made a double knot as my kids are big enough to be careful with these.

If you prefer, these plastic breakaway clasps are designed so the necklace snaps open if it’s pulled on too hard. This highly rated shop on Etsy has the best prices and you can order just one at a time if needed. There are several colors too!

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Breakaway Safety Clasp from Tesla Baby on Etsy

Step 5: Get Creative!

After we finished making necklaces we had lots of pom pom beads and yarn leftover. So, we made little rings with just one pom pom “gem” and bracelets. I’ll have to come up with some more ideas since we have plenty of beads left in the bag!

Comment Below!

What other crafts do you think you could make with these fun beads?

How to Make Pom Pom Bead Jewelry: A Unique & Easy Kids Craft
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